About Us

We are a small team of 3, (Tony, Mieles & Arlo) based in Penryn, Cornwall, UK.
Tony designs and makes all of our products in his very messy / totally organised workshop.
When not running her own jewellery business (www.YemayaCollections.com) Mieles is the creator and driving force behind all of our social media content here at RUFFTER... whilst Arlo busies himself with a host of jobs.
Including, but is not limited to - ripping up everything within reach into shreds, waking everyone in the neighbourhood up before sunrise, refusing to pose for selfies with his Dada, stealing socks, chasing leaves and dare we mention his ability to clear a room with his smells!!
Arlo is also the biggest bringer of joy, happiness and fun times to our lives and he is the main inspiration for what we do here at RUFFTER.